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Proudly Promoting Global Worming!
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My first large plywood worm-bin after I graduated from using plastic storage containers (one of which can be seen collecting a key ingredient for my special blend of concentrated worm tea just below it).

My first worms arrived the day before the big tornado outbreak on 27 April 2011. I call them my little Redtwisters!

Many worm farmers start selling within their first year of production. I elected to grow my 'herd' first - and boy did it GROW!
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Late Spring 2011
The Following Pictures are From Early Spring 2012 Less Than One Year Later!
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In-ground Pit Beds
Good for Hard Winters
(as far North as Canada)
Three Plywood Beds in the Woods, Good for Most of US Year Around Original Plywood Bin Joined By another Under Small Shade Trees
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Barrels Split in Half Make Great Worm Bins in the South Barrel Farm Looking Down an Isle (note Gravel Walkway) Ground Cloth Makes Great Covers Until I build the Roof and Enclose with Screen-wire.
Look How My Worms Grew!

So what are you going to do with all your worms?
  • Start with Composting Kitchen Waste
  • Go Fishing
  • Put them in Your Garden as the Aerate the Soil(nature's garden tillers)
  • Feed them to Pets - Birds, Fish, Lizards, and more
  • Great Educational Project
  • Start a Worm Farm!
  • Worm Wide Worming!

When my first 50,000 arrived the three USPS boxes they came in sat on my couch for days while I had to deal with a week-long power outage due to an EF-5 tornado that passed about a mile from my house. I don't recommend leaving your initial shipment unattended, but my little Redtwisters survived that and look where I am now!

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If you have any questions...I'm usually in the house after dark, central time, North Alabama
  • just call me at: 256-859-5538 - If I don't answer just leave a message.
  •   (I do tend to turn in by 10 PM and sleep late on some weekends) :-)

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Redworms have been good to me and I hope you'll:
Give redworms a try.

Best 'O Luck!

Greg Allison

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